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January 2022
5092296Drowned Quest Redux 22Charlotte Fawkins performs brain surgery.drowned, quest, drowned redux, drowned quest redux, bathic, collective game2022-01-26 1 
5088777The Little Dungeon That Could #1A little Dungeon is born in the cellar of an abandoned orphanage. A minion is spawned and immediately disappoints.The Little Dungeon That Could, Dungeon, Dungeon Keeper, D&D2022-01-26 3 
5139035Claymore: Second Swords Quest #66Executor.Claymore, Collective Game, AU2022-01-26 1 
5138988Shinobi Sidestory Quest #37In which Shiki has his first real test.Collective Game, Naruto, AU, SSQ2022-01-26 2 
5111353One Piece Muscle: ReFlex 3In the crime ridden West Blue you play Yorkshire Lickylick, the heiress turned vigilante serving the Composer. collective game, mynameismimikyu, one piece, marine protagonist, pulp action, one piece reflex, quest2022-01-25 0 
5086614Saiyan Awakening Quest 5Rettace finishes up some things on Temperus.Wukong, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Saiyan Awakening Quest, Martial Arts, Shonen2022-01-24 2 
5083609Dragon Slayer Quest #15We confront Father Benedict.Collective Game, Dragon Slayer Quest, Dragons, Urban Fantasy2022-01-24 0 
5085315Local Lord Quest IA XIIIth century French Knight is transported to a fantasy world. Medieval Mudcore Fantasy 2022-01-23 6 
5100406Mage Quest Tucson Thread 2The quest dies from lack of players. Shame.Collective Game, multiplayer, Magic, Urban Fantasy, magic, wizards, witches, Tucson2022-01-23 -1 
5105510Mutant!Quest #10In which Elise and co. pull off a sick, GTA-style heist! Antics ensue!Siren_QM, Collective Game, Action, Urban, Superpower, Mutants, Slice-of-Life, Quest, Drawquest2022-01-23 5 
5080884Tai Lung Quest 17Tai Lung makes history once again and loses a competition. Also he is still in the Sacred Library Kung Fu Panda, Tai Lung quest, Redemption Quest, Storyteller Luo, Collective Game2022-01-23 1 
5085259Heretic Cultivator Quest 2Huanliuxue, princess of beasts, adventures in search of the Dao of blood as she nurtures her nascent court of cultivators and own power Heretic Cultivator Quest, Xianxia, Chinese Fantasy, Cultivation, Wuxia, Collective Game, Quest, Our-Grandfather2022-01-23 5 
5089129MANAGER, HELP! Thread #5In which one hour is completed, an epiphany is engaged, and thread is sparse.Overseer, Manager, Collective Game, Facility Management, Anomaly, Lobotomy Corporation, Alphabet Soup2022-01-21 2 
5081860Wolf LadyYou find a feral half-elf woman and now you have to take care of her.WolfAnon, Wolf Lady, Character Raising2022-01-21 2 
5090023HUSBANDO TOURNAMENT 2021The great Husbando Tournament of Quest is hosted at Gongolla Gaol. Sixteen men enter... only one shall be crowned the winner!Indonesian Gentleman, tournament, event, /qst/, Battle Royale, Drawquest, Gongolla Gaol2022-01-21 6 
5087827Necromancer Isekai #2: Working with/for a fat bastardAnon continues his adventure, at least until a elf communist derails the whole thing.Necromancer isekai quest, quest, isekai, necromancer, undead, drugs, crime, under-city, communism, QM fucked up2022-01-21 3 
5106705Do Your Best Quest: The Dreadfully Irrelevant TimesPlay a myriad of characters doing their best in their respective sidestories! A sequel to all DYBQ sidestory related content!collective game, drawquest, slice of life, supernatural, Do Your Best2022-01-20 4 
5092900Operation ISEKAI QuestGlowstick dies, goes to hell, then goes on an adventure. Conspiracy, Isekai, MKUltra, Operation ISEKAI Quest2022-01-19 0 
5110885I'm a demon?Anon gets summoned into a fantasy world. The fucks who did it are certain he is a demon. hijinks ensuesfantasy, Colective game2022-01-19 3 
5075511OCCUPATION QUESTLord-Captain De Verne, Chief Delegate of the Wallsonian Kingdom in Occupied Galmschind, dreams of war and prepares for a diplomatic party.Occupation Quest, AllSeeingQM, Alt WWII, Post WWII, Allied Occupation, DUI, Great Quest2022-01-19 1 
5096648Evolution Tabletop: OriginsThis round, the players revisit the setting of the original unfinished game. The denizens have vanished, leaving only mysterious sinkholes..Evogame, Collective Game, Skirmish, Evolution, PVP2022-01-19 0 
5079024Star Trek: Honolulu - Part 2Misadventures of Nimue continuestar trek2022-01-19 1 
5084905Kobolt Klan Adoption 1Local knight accidentally adopts a kobolt klan and is cursed. Hijinks ensue.Kobolt klan, Reynauld, Darkest Dungeon, Dragons, 2022-01-19 7 
5084532Pizzeria Quest Thread 3A continuation of the Survival Horror/Tycoon Quest based on Pizzeria SimulatorQuest, horror, FNAF2022-01-18 1 
5083216Reptilian Infiltrator Quest Vol. 10It is the evening of the Mages' Tower Gala, but in their midst lurks a sexy, snakey spy with her sights set on their secrets!ReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fantasy, dungeon, combat, wizards, dragons, demons, parties, romance, drama, lewd2022-01-18 3 
5108374Crescent Adventures 8Juuban Hospital break-in mission, after getting some info, it's time to potentially do some crime and fight against spooky stuff.Crescent Adventures, Sailor Moon, Collective Game2022-01-18 1 
5075530Filler AdventureWacky, nonsensical adventures ranging between bedding Lady Liberty, becoming a Twitch thot, defying Mickey Mouse, and buying Wonder Bread.shitpost, drawquest, filler, filler adventure2022-01-17 1 
5086723Batquesy Issue #1: "I shall become a Bat!"Billionaire Orphan Bruce Wayne creates a dark persona to wage war on crime in Gotham City.Batman, DC Comics, Superhero, Collective Game2022-01-17 3 
5077149HELP WANTED! Yet Another Facility Management Quest #3Another floor to manage, some dicking about, and a perspective shift to a certain charming EFT agent.Administrator, Collective Game, Lobotomy Corporation, Fan Quest, QM gets the coof and nearly dies, Coffee Addiction, the wild ride begins2022-01-16 2 
5121867GOLGOTHAPRELUDE You dwell not in yourself when the night bleeds in. Through the thousand eyes of the city you see only the abyss.collective game, quest, modern, gothic, tarot, magic, gun, phone, urban, dark fantasy, horror, adventure, vampire, wizard, witch2022-01-16 5 
5075063Magical Girl For Hire #112Izumi decides to help her friend Ai, which leads to her and Miranda taking a joint mission with Flashpoint. It's job time!MGFH, Magical Girl For Hire, magical girl, mercenary, collective game, MGHandler2022-01-16 3 
5082047Bones Quest #13: Mine Over MatterA janitor hops between worlds, flirts with death in a treacherous mine, and lets loose at an old-fashioned hootenanny!Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist, Stanley Parble2022-01-16 6 
5114522Dark Gate Academy Season 3 Episode 45Ryoji's Death Part 2! Dakugeto holds off Tori's forces in a climactic battle!Quest, Dark Gate Academy, Collective Game2022-01-16 2 
5075730Sellsword's Code Quest #1Joseph sets out to investigate weapon convoys only to find halflings and goblins.Collective Game, Fantasy, Sellswords Code2022-01-15 1 
5074164Hapless Guardswoman Quest #5 – Candlemas in GroxbridgeChristmas themed thread where Rhea fights in a mall, does a Die Hard, and makes an unlikely alliance to fight Krampii.40k, Chaos, Dark Eldar, Chocolate, Corruption2022-01-13 1 
5073011Boshin War Quest 39Stockton and Company visit the Spandau Arsenal. Historic, Alternate History, Quest, Japan, War2022-01-13 0 
5074700Warhammer 40k - Alien Occupation 2Part 2 of Cas Vaede living under Tau rule. Warhammer 40k, 40k, Tau, Dolomite2022-01-12 2 
5073544Gnoll Quest #7Hyenus and Datz get bodied by dwarf bureaucrats. They have 2 days to clear the catacombs and recover the Lunar Armor, or they'll be executeGnoll Quest, Collective Game, drawquest2022-01-10 10 
5062211Captainquest Chapter II- LandfallLono and the Great Fleet make first contact with the mysterious and terrifying Anyaten EmpireCaptainquest, Nationquest, Collective Game, Civ2022-01-10 1 
5082606Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 5You started hiking around Lake Clarity, battled Team Green against, handed evidence to the police after lunch and did some fishing. Pokemon Quest, Towel, Camping, Team Green, Fishing, SuperBusy2022-01-09 3 
5064695Code Geass: Bastion of the Resistance - Instance 3Bastian has a business meeting.Code Geass, W.I.Z.A.R.D, Quest, mecha, mechs2022-01-09 3 
5113104West Blue Seadogs Quest #15Happy funtime on the island of orphansWest Blue Seadogs, One Piece, Collective Game, Anime, Humor, Autism2022-01-08 22 
5068423TACTICOM Quest #1.5The mission at the south Nexus concludes; TC tries his hand at budget negotiations and takes his command talents to the Balkans resistance. Robot, Warfare, Mech, Alien, Alien Invasion2022-01-08 11 
5078009Beneath The Pale Moon #1In Which /qst/ makes a character, chooses the church, and fights some NecromancersWarden, Nasuverse, Church, Beneath The Pale Moon2022-01-07 2 
507855640kAI Quest #2The AI unwisely decides to involve itself in politics, and makes preparations for the invasion of Hydrrit Delta.40K, Collective Game, AI2022-01-07 13 
5075383Scumbag Antipaladin QuestA crazed deserter goes on a hunt for blood, meets an orc, and has an unholy amount of luck.Collective Game, Edgy, Edgelord, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Scumbag Antipaladin2022-01-07 24 
5095927One Piece Muscle: ReFlex 2A One Piece Quest where vigilante marine officer, the cybernetic Composer, heads to Kano to recruit a doctor and perform a exorcism.collective game, mynameismimikyu, one piece, marine protagonist, pulp action, one piece reflex, quest2022-01-07 1 
5104857Saiyan Conqueror Quest 168After the New Salda youth tournament, Karn and his family visit with Towa, but mysteries lurk in the shadows.Saiyan Conqueror Quest, GrandDragonQM, SCQ, GDQM, Saiyan, /qst/, DBZ, Karn, 2022-01-06 0 
5078086Kenshi Monogatari Quest - VI(Thread V link here) The Kikotei Tournament commences in earnest. THE FINAL THREAD.Kenshi Monogatari Quest, Samurai, KismetQM2022-01-06 1 
5057625Pokémon Wish QuestA drawquest with a comic format. Sableye meets new friends and helps them.Pokemon Wish, Impo, Comic, Drawquest, Sableye2022-01-06 0 
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